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Using the Shifting Consciousness™ Thought Matrix as the springboard, we dive into the body to again bring to our awareness the non-conscious boundaries we have imposed on ourselves.

By introducing movement to the body we will explore how this motion radiates through our being. Are areas open to these motions, or are they resistant, tight, rigid? Observing how the body responds to these movements we will use the Thought Matrix (presented in Level One) in conscious application to see self imposed mental judgments and our emotional associations to them. 

Thru exploring these movements into deeper levels of being and applying the Thought Matrix, participants learn to open the body and mind as a way to increase freedom within and begin connecting to patterns they have established between the two.

For local communities this class is available in a six-week class structure. We meet for 1.5 hours every week for six weeks. The classes progressively increase in intensity each week. Once the initial class has been completed, participants can continue learning more advanced applications on a month to month basis.

Outside of St. Louis this class is offered as a two day intensive course. Classes are usually offered on the weekend and are approximately five and a half hours each day. The classes provide students with movement techniques that can be practiced at home in conjunction with the Thought Matrix on an ongoing basis.

Pre-requisite: Shifting Consciousness Level 1



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